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Snail Girl Ceramics prioritizes process and quality over mass produced quantity.

Pieces are handmade and created with intention. Collections are often limited edition and one of a kind, meaning some pieces may only be created once.

This Gallery showcases past pieces that are now in the archives.

Snail Girl Favorites

Snail Girl Favorite

The Root Jar

This little jar was created to remind us of growth. Though it may not always be seen, we continue to flourish beneath the soil.

Snail Girl Favorite

Golden Snail Trails

If only snails left trails of 24k gold... These dishes feature our favorite snail trail pattern with a stunning gold twist - accents of premium gold luster.

Snail Girl Ceramics

Mini Porcelain Pumpkins

This pumpkin patch is one of a kind, composed of unique porcelain pumpkins.

Snail Girl Favorite

Sugar Spoons

These little spoons are perfect for dry goods - salt, spices, or as the name suggests, sugar!

Snail Girl Favorite

Tiny Root Vase

Thrown on a miniature wheel and adorned with hand painted tiny veggies. 

Snail Girl Ceramics

Tall Trinket Shelf

Bare stoneware paired with a hand built design, this wall shelf is the perfect home for a curation of treasures.

Loon Jar

This little Loon Jar is adorned with a stunning black and white loon as well as little feet poking out on the inside.

  • Seagull

  • Flamingo

  • Blackbird

  • Loon

  • Blue Heron

  • Hummingbird

  • Piping Plover

  • Mallard

  • Winter Bird Set

  • Golden Hen

  • Golden Goose