Where are products made?

All SGC ceramic pieces are created in the Greater Burlington Area of Vermont.

What are products made of?

Products are made with porcelain, speckled stoneware, or earthenware clay. Other materials include underglaze, and clear or satin glaze. Jewelry products may have different metal components, see product details for more information or contact snailgirlceramics@gmail.com.

When will you be restocking your shop?

In an effort to honor my slow practice and creativity, shop updates may fluctuate. I prioritize making meaningful, unique pieces that come from the heart. With this, I do not rush or try to replicate my process and instead offer myself the space to learn and grow with my pieces. Most pieces are limited edition and may not be created again. Popular items may be recreated for special occasions (Spring Drop, Holidays, etc). 

Your pieces sell out so quickly, how can I make sure I get one?

I cannot reserve or hold pieces for customers. If you would like early access to product restocks and drops, please consider signing up for one of my Patreon Tiers. 

How do I care for my SGC piece?

All SGC pieces should be hand washed and treated carefully. While durable and made for use, ceramics are still fragile and must be handled with care. All windowsill birds should avoid contact with water to preserve the lifespan of the wire legs.


Do you accept returns?

At this time I do not accept returns or exchanges. If a piece breaks during shipping, send documentation (confirmation email and photos of broken piece and packaging) via email and a new piece or reimbursement will be sent.

Inquiries must be sent within 7 days of delivery, if the item has been damaged outside of shipping, a return will not be accepted. Shipping is nonrefundable.

If you would like to cancel or adjust your order before it has been shipped, contact snailgirlceramics@gmail.com.

Do you ship internationally?

Due to long shipping times, customs, and international handling of fragile packages, I only ship domestic to US states. 

My piece has small glaze cracks and imperfections, what is this?

Small glaze cracks are a result of a ceramic surface interaction known as crazing. These cracks are normal with my pieces due to the glaze I am using. Other imperfections and blemishes that arise through the ceramic process are normal. All SGC pieces are unique and handmade and imperfections are not unwelcome. SGC pieces are not intended to use for food.

My piece doesn't look like the product listing image?

All SGC pieces are unique and handmade and imperfections are not unwelcome. Inconsistencies may include shape, size, color, and texture. I do not try to make pieces look identical, but instead from the same foundation. Product listings offer an example of what the piece will look like, but likely the one you receive will have differences. Imperfections may include crazing, stretch marks, glaze inconsistencies, size, shape, or texture differences, and jar lid fit. These differences are listed across my website and advertising, and as such will not be eligible for return or exchange.

Do you accept any custom orders?

I no longer accept custom orders. If you had previously sent in a custom request, feel free to reach out for an update on your request status. Requests are not guaranteed until confirmed by both myself and the customer. I have the right to deny or cancel a request at any time.