About the Artist

Hello and welcome! My name is Grace Juneau, otherwise known as Snail Girl. An avid snail lover, I have found that their slow pace has taught me some of the best life lessons about taking your time and enjoying the process. Snail Girl Ceramics is an expression of patience, reflection, and self love through clay.

I received my degree in Studio Art from Skidmore College - with a concentration of Ceramics, Drawing, and Communication Design. While I've always had a fondness for miniatures, I began creating tiny pots while procrastinating from class assignments and fell in love with the process. Since graduating, I have continued to explore creating small, sentimental pieces that spark joy and special memories. 

In my ceramic process, I believe in moving slow and and finding joy in each step. Each piece is made with intention and care, and therefore are not mass produced.

I work as a part time artist, creating ceramic pieces in my spare time. Because of this, Snail Girl Ceramics is not a job and not for income. I create because it feeds my soul and sharing these pieces with others allows me to continue this craft that I love so dearly.

To honor this special practice, I create one of a kind pieces and limited edition series. While some popular pieces may be recreated for specific annual drops, I no longer replicate previous designs upon request. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via the contact page on my website or through Instagram @snailgirlceramics.